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My Menopause Awakening

diet Nov 07, 2023

The Unexpected Journey Begins

My path into the bewildering world of menopause began in 2019. Despite a flourishing career in finance and a side passion as a personal trainer focused on women's and children's health, menopause was a mystery to me—a puzzle I hadn't even realized existed. Like many, I was in the dark. 

Although times are changing, I believe the vast majority of women are still sailing in this boat of uncertainty, unaware of menopause's profound impact on both body and mind.

The Surprising Struggle: Weight Gain

For me, the struggle was predominantly with weight gain. Yes, there were other symptoms, but nothing struck quite like the weight did. After two years of navigating natural menopause, I discovered Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), and it was a game-changer. 

Yet, the weight issue remained a puzzling problem. I dove headfirst into research, conducted countless tests, and maintained meticulous journals. It was a journey of education and discovery, teaching me that while there's no quick fix, sustainable change is possible.

Hormones and Habits: The Twin Challenges

Weight gain during menopause is a double-edged sword: it's part hormonal, part lifestyle. As estrogen—the maestro of our metabolism—dips, and cortisol—the stress hormone—rises, our body's glucose levels surge. The result? That notorious "meno-belly," an unwelcome ring of sugar-turned-fat encircling our middles.

Embracing Change and The Menopause Mission

But don't lose heart! This sugary siege can be countered with lifestyle changes I've embraced (following the 80/20 rule) to recalibrate my body's balance. And thus, the Menopause Mission was born. 

If you're ready to say goodbye to that belly, reclaim your energy and confidence, and are willing to commit to meaningful life adjustments, I'm here to walk that path with you. Together, we'll journey towards accountability and triumph.

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