The Bookmark is a tool to help you join the dots when it comes to menopause symptoms.

This is a list of symptoms that are all associated with the Menopause, some of which you may be aware, and some not.

Download, print and complete this incredibly useful guide to help you join up the dots of Menopause symptoms.

You'll then find you can see the full picture when all of your symptoms are in front of you.

Once you've completed The Bookmark, you'll have a guide to take to your Doctor who can look at your symptoms holistically rather than, perhaps, focussing on a primary one.

Why have I asked you to include your mums/eldest siblings age when they showed Perimenopusal symptoms?

This will give the doctor a really good guide as to whether you could be in EARLY menopause (ie before the age of 45) and it will help them look at everything as an entire picture.

Complete the form to download your Bookmark. 

Print and complete the sheet – then hand it to your doctor on your next visit.

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