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Trudi Roscouet of Vitality 40 Plus - Let's Talk Menopause

Understanding Menopause and Well-Being Workshops

A series of Menopause and well-being training sessions either as e-learning or physical/virtual workshops.

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The Menopause ToolKit

Joining forces with Mel Grandfield of High Tide HR Consultancy, we have created an exceptional menopause policy and guidance and will deliver implementation training to line managers.

Men's Health

A series of workshops presented by Dr Ed Rainbow, a UK GP, looking at men's physical and mental health.

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Woman's Well-Being Menopause Check 

Vitality40Plus are collaborating with doctors who specialise in women's health to provide a full menopause health check and advice on nutrition, well-being and lifestyle for employees. 

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Menopause Forum

A regular meeting aimed at women, where myself and a local GP specialising in women's health discuss all issues relating to the menopause.

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The Menopause Mission

A guide to a slimmer and more confident you. A 4-week online course to help you understand your body and provide a new way of living.

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The Bookmark (symptom tracker)

Pick up a copy or download from the website, complete it and join the dots to help you understand your Menopause symptoms.

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Vitality40Plus PODCAST

Trudi and her guests explore the various health taboos and secrets we never talk about - or are too afraid to ask!

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About my journey through the menopause...

As I turned 50, I was embarking on a new life, heading to Spain when I was diagnosed with the Menopause. This event turned my life around.

I have worked for years in the financial services industry both in Jersey and Gibraltar. I am a qualified trainer and workshop coordinator and set up my own training company and in 2010 decided to requalify as a Master Personal trainer specialising in women and children’s fitness and obesity. However, at no point did the word “Menopause” ever enter my vocabulary. I thought my 50-year-old ladies who couldn’t lose weight were not doing what they were told!

Now I understand the whole issue!

My work commenced in 2020 whilst in lockdown in Spain but the return to Jersey and through the instigation of writing an 8-week course on the Menopause, really cemented my step into the perimenopausal world.

Further collaboration with a local female GP, who specialised in women’s health, lead to the Menopause Forum and further FB support groups. Since starting on this personal journey I have worked with Carolyn Harris MP, a leading figure and Co-chairperson of the Menopause Task Force in the UK and Heather Currie, MBE, who leads the Scottish NHS Inform.

The final step in the journey is to now share my material and knowledge to every lady globally! By packaging everything together using my knowledge as a trainer, obesity specialist, life coach and latterly menopause ambassador, I hope to be able to incorporate all of this with my passion of listening to other people’s stories, in the form of podcasts that sit under my four pillars of health plus general well-being.

Welcome to the world of Menopause and Well-being!

Trudi Roscouet founder of Vitalty40Plus and Menopause Mission