YOUR opportunity to be agents of change by signing up to a progressive, 14 point pledge on the topic of menopause in the workplace.

YOUR opportunity to be agents of change by signing up to a progressive, 14 point pledge on the topic of menopause in the workplace.

The Employers Pledge

In conjunction with Diversity Network, See Her Thrive, and Affinity Private Wealth we are proud and excited to announce the launch of The 51 Employers Pledge*.

Open to businesses, public sector entities and charities, this is an opportunity to be agents of change by signing up to a progressive, 14 point pledge on the topic of menopause, in the workplace.

* 51 being the average age a woman or person who was assigned female at birth reaches the menopause.

Treat menopause with the same level of seriousness, care and support as we do with other physical and mental health conditions.
Take an individual approach to menopause support, recognising that everyone’s journey is different and should be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Be inclusive in how we communicate about the menopause, recognising that:
  1. Some people experience early menopause or premature ovarian insufficiency
  2. Some people go through menopause as a result of medication or surgery (medical and surgical menopause)
  3. Not everyone who goes through the menopause identifies as a woman. Trans and non-binary individuals also experience menopause symptoms.
Include menopause in our long-term wellbeing / diversity and inclusion strategy.
Educate all staff and line managers about the menopause and its impact through menopause awareness training, delivered by a qualified expert.
Make evidence-based information about the menopause available and accessible to all staff, including signposting to internal and external sources of support.
Create opportunities for staff to come together to talk about the menopause and support each other, such as a women’s network or menopause cafe.
Update our sickness absence policy so that menopause, alongside menstrual and reproductive issues, are not considered as “sickness”.
Offer flexible working options (such as working from home, flexi-time, part-time, job-sharing, redeployment) to support those affected by menopause symptoms and help them remain in work.
Enable a relaxed dress code to ensure staff are comfortable.
Ensure work areas are well ventilated with access to drinking water and make desk fans available for anyone who may be experiencing hot flashes.
Provide staff with a comfortable, quiet space where they can take time-out if needed.
Champion an inclusive culture, which challenges sexist, ageist and derogatory comments about the menopause.
Celebrate World Menopause Day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do we sign up to the pledge?

A: Please contact [email protected] and she will talk you through the very simple process.

A member of your Board or Senior Leadership Team will be asked to sign a 'certificate' confirming your organisation's commitment to meeting and maintaining 14 key actions in a 12 month period to support a menopause-friendly workplace.

We will add your name to our list of adopters here and share widely on social media. We encourage you to share the certificate with your employees and stakeholders.

Q: How will you know we are delivering on our pledge?

A: The 51 Employers campaign is more about motivation and inspiration than it is monitoring and review (although we strongly encourage you to do the latter internally).

It is not an accreditation scheme or tick-box exercise and we will not be scrutinising your progress.
However, we will run an annual event whereby employers who have signed the pledge will be invited to join us to share their progress, the impact of their actions, insights and examples of good practice.

We hope that by publicly signing your support for a menopause-friendly workplace you will feel accountable to your employees and stakeholders and motivated to be a positive agent for change in a world where menopause is still very much a taboo subject.

Q: How will you promote adopters of the 51 Employers pledge?

A: We will maintain and share a public list here on TDN's website and via our social media platforms and newsletters.

We'd welcome articles on your good work and hints and tips on how to create a menopause-friendly workplace and will share your good news stories and photos far and wide!

The more we all talk openly about menopause in the business community, the faster we will remove the stigma and see positive change!

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