As a lady over 40, have you ever looked in the mirror and thought “Will I ever lose this weight and keep it off for good?”

If the answer is yes, then let me help you fuel your journey to new health and wellness...

Hi there I’m Trudi and I help women going through the menopause create a life that belongs to them - more energy - feel confident and best of all to lose weight - for good !

I struggled with my hormones from the age of 48 and just wanted to get my life back ! It wasn’t until I started to explore and experiment with different nutrition and fitness plans plus discover new ways to deal with stress that I finally found the solution !

Now I want to share my secret with you…

Trudi Roscouet founder of Menopause Mission doing Pilates

What ladies are saying about 'The Mission'

Kirstin (54)

“I have lost 10 lbs and 32cm in 6 weeks. “the Mission” has changed my mindset to wanting very much to change myself into something I like and can be proud of – Thank you Trudi!"

Collette (56)

“Ive lost nearly a stone – I don’t feel right if I miss a day or two without doing a 5k walk or 20 minute HIIT – I am so pleased with my result. Trudi was always at the end of a phone if I needed her for advice.” 

Trudi Roscouet founder of Vitalty40Plus and Menopause Mission

4 weeks to a new you...

If I can do this, you can too!

My course will get you where you need to go by tuning in to what your body REALLY needs as a woman over 40.

Come on this incredible journey with me and other like minded action taking ladies where we’ll go on a transformation that will cut through the nonsense and overwhelm and on a path of self-discovery that will bring everlasting vitality for you.

We're kicking menopause into the sidelines and living amazing lives of wellness, energy and love.

Let's do this together...

What the ladies are saying about Trudi

Sharon (45)

“Trudi is amazing at motivating you; every session is a real positive experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone”

Julia (52)

“Absolutely inspiring ! Managed to lose weight without feeling hungry and had loads more energy!” 

About my journey through the menopause...

At 50, I was embarking on a new journey to live in Spain and whilst undergoing routine blood tests, I was told that I was going through the menopause! 

This was a massive shock even though I was 50! 

At this point in my life I was not only working in finance but also fitness coaching but still couldn’t lose my belly!  When I spoke to the doctor she just said “I’m sorry but it’s a side effect and it’s here to stay!”

It wasn’t until March 2020 when in proper Lockdown in Spain that I decided to explore this phenomenon slightly more. Contacting various experts in the field including doctors in USA, UK and Europe I soon discovered a mysterious world! My plan soon started taking shape!

I had now plateaued and was sustaining my weight at around 73kg – but I still had this vision that I could get below the magic 70 number even with all the menopausal evidence against me!

I did have to make lifestyle decisions both with food and alcohol but after 72 days I hit my target weight. I also changed my fitness routine and watched my body change shape.

The results speak for themselves – now its time to take action!

Trudi Roscouet Pilates Coach

 The live sessions will be held online, so location is no problem.


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4 weeks of transformation will have you feeling like a whole new person, loving yourself and loving life as we go forward together.


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