Menopause Mission by Trudi

Did you know that women make up 51% of the population?


Approx 13 million women in the Uk are currently in one of the three stages of the menopause 


7/10 women say there is a general lack of support and understanding surrounding the menopause 


72% women say they feel unsupported at work 


Why don’t we talk about it more? 

Trudi Roscouet founder of Vitalty40Plus and Menopause Mission

Every woman is entitled to information to lead a confident and fulfilled life... 

I'm Trudi and I've made it my HRT mission to become a menopause ambassador, helping educate men and women and to empower ladies with the information to become more aware.

This is the beginning...

Menopause Mission for Ladies

For the Ladies

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Menopause Mission for Companies

For Companies

Why should employers consider menopause in their workplace?
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About my journey through the menopause...

At 50, I was embarking on a new journey to live in Spain and whilst undergoing routine blood tests, I was told that I was going through the menopause! 

This was a massive shock even though I was 50! 

At this point in my life I was not only working in finance but also fitness coaching but still couldn’t lose my belly!  When I spoke to the doctor she just said “I’m sorry but it’s a side effect and it’s here to stay!”

It wasn’t until March 2020 when in proper Lockdown in Spain that I decided to explore this phenomenon slightly more. Contacting various experts in the field including doctors in USA, UK and Europe I soon discovered a mysterious world! My plan soon started taking shape!

I had now plateaued and was sustaining my weight at around 73kg – but I still had this vision that I could get below the magic 70 number even with all the menopausal evidence against me!

I did have to make lifestyle decisions both with food and alcohol but after 72 days I hit my target weight. I also changed my fitness routine and watched my body change shape

The results speak for themselves – now its time to take action!

Trudi Roscouet founder of Vitalty40Plus and Menopause Mission